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How It All Began….

When I first started doing Color Analysis in the 80’s, I had a difficult time finding the right color foundation base for my clients.  Even though I had a variety of yellow base and cool base liquid foundation colors to choose from, often it was either too dark, too light, too yellow, or gray looking on my client’s skin.

So I found myself emptying out portions of liquid foundation from one glass bottle into a mixing vial and adding another color to create just the right undertone and color for my client’s skin. Soon, I realized I needed green and violet tints to adjust the colors even more.

Eventually my lab manufactured those tints and foundation colors in bulk sizes.  I was then able to pump just the right amount of product and colors to fit a 1 oz. bottle.

In the 90’s when mineral powder foundation became the “go to” product for healthy, all natural foundation, I found myself doing the same thing again: scooping out product from one jar and mixing it with another.

I approached my pharmaceutical lab and they too agreed to provide me with the minerals in bulk so I could formulate a formula for each client, based on the undertone and color of their skin. Additional pigments soon became available and the rest is history!

Each of my clients have a custom blend formula designed specifically just for them.  Do you?

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