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Clean Your Makeup Drawer: When to replace everything


Mascara:  Toss it every 4 months

Replace your mascara four times a year to prevent an eye infection.

Eye shadow:  Toss it every two years for powder, once a year for cream.

Can last up to two years, but if you apply it every day beware that bacteria build up.

Eye liner:  Toss it 3-6 months

Gel and liquid liners that are applied with a brush should be tossed every six months to avoid an eye infection.  If you don’t use them up in a year they should go in the trash can.

Foundation:  Once a year

Concealer:  Toss it 12 to 18 months

A Concealer in a pan, it can last up to 18 months if applied with a sponge or regularly washed brush.  If you have a concealer in a tube keep it for a year.

Blush & Bronzer:  Toss it every 2 years

Powders have a longer shelf life than most cosmetics.  Toss when the color darkens or starts to cake up.

Lipstick:  Toss once a year

The preservatives in lipstick can break down after a year.  If your not sure when you bought your favorite tubes its time to toss it.  If the surface gets hard or small beads start to form on the bullet throw it away.  If you are sick, apply your lipstick with a fresh cotton swab to stop it from being contaminated.

Lip Gloss:  6 months to one year

In a tube with a wand applicator should be tossed after 6 months due to bacteria build up.  Lip gloss in a squeeze tube can hold on to those for closer to a year since bacteria has a much smaller chance of getting in the product.


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