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How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

The tools you use on your face are just as important as the products you are using.  You wouldn’t think of washing your face with a dirty facecloth….so don’t use dirty brushes, either!  Especially your Kabuki Brush that you use for applying your mineral make up.

Cleaning makeup brushes is something a lot of people don’t think to do, then their skin starts to break out and they can’t figure out why it’s happening. Residue from your makeup, dead skin, oil, dirt and bacteria builds up on brushes quickly.

 The type of brushes you are using—whether they are real animal hair or synthetic fibers–can be cleaned the same way:

·   What’s the best product to use to clean my make up brushes?

·   What’s the best way to clean them?

·   How long does it take them to dry?

·   How often do I clean them?

Fill a coffee cup or bowl with a solution of warm water and a shampoo for normal hair.  Gently wish the brushes in the bowl then rinse with cool water.  Don’t scrub your brushes too hard otherwise you could loosen the bristles.

If the brush doesn’t rinse clear, then wash it again in the bowl.  Repeat until brush rinse water is clear.  Then apply a small amount of  hair conditioner to the bristles, rinse in cool water.  Wrap brush in a small towel and pat dry.    Lay brushes  FLAT to dry. Most brushes will dry in just a few hours and DO make sure your brushes are completely dry before using them again.

Clean your brushes about twice  a month.  And in between times, baby wipes or facial wipes to disinfect your brushes works nicely.  Are you using a YOUR COLOR tray for your mineral make up?  Make sure your wipe that tray out every time you use it too!

Depending on the quality of your brushes and how you maintain them, note that the “shelf life” of makeup brushes (especially ones you use often) is about a year or two, so toss them out when their time is up.  You’ll be able to tell!

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