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4 Eyebrow Shapes That Look Good On Anyone

4 Eyebrow Shapes That Look Good On Anyone:
The golden rule of grooming: Before you shape or shade your brows, find a length that flatters your face.  Brow trends may change over the years, but what never changes is where your brow begins and ends.  To find out how to shape your brows click on link below.
Here are the most flattering brow shapes:
1.  Feathered: “Keep your brows thick by tweezing only strays no more than every six weeks
2.  Boy Brow: This is a cousin of the feathered brow but darker and thicker.  Let your brows grow in and then deepen their color with powder and play up their density with brow gel.
3.  Instaglam: The look is crisp, sharp-and very done.  The look has clean edges around the brows, which are trimmed short with scissors to a smooth finish, an ombré effect (lighter at the head, darker at the tail), and an exaggerated arch-just like Rihanna. Keep maintenance in mind: You must touch up this shape every few days to keep it from looking and feeling “like uncut grass.”
4.  Stick Straight: A clean, modern look, this shape (perfectly pulled off by actress Rooney Mara below) can take a bit of work to achieve if you weren’t born with it. Tweeze at the tail so it lines up with the head and goes no farther than the eyes’ outer corners-and use brow powder above and below the arch to downplay any natural curves.
After you choose your length and shape, choose the right color to shade the brows.  Interestingly, many pros say women overthink this part since there are just two universal colors that work on all hair hues. “Cool or warm? That’s the question. Find a product with the right undertone, and you can apply it conservatively or heavily to change the intensity.
Cool blondes and brunettes, silver or black hair: Look for products that are taupe, medium brown, or even soft black.
Red, yellowy blonde, or brunette with honey or gold highlights: Products that are warm brown or blonde will suit you best.
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