Sue Slight Macartney is an image, make up and color consultant. She has been choosing the right colors for her hundreds of clients for more than 20 years. She founded YOUR COLOR IMAGE CENTER and is a charter member of Southern California Association of Image Consultants.

Sue meets criteria of the highest standards as quoted in the excerpt from the following article. From Fashionline newsletter magazine…

A good color consultant has a wide variety of skills and abilities that are fairly unusual in any one individual. She must have a good color perception and a natural eye for color. She must have been adequately trained to recognize and understand subtly nuanced color effects which most of us do not perceive. She must have the perseverance and the logical mind to analyze these color effects until a pattern is evident. She must have an artistic sensibility and a sense of style.

And perhaps most important, she must be a superb communicator. It does not help if she understands your colors but can’t explain them to you!

Sue is a popular keynote speaker and is available for group and individual consultations.