Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find out what my colors are?

Color Analysis is the process of “draping” fabric swatches around your neck and shoulders to determine which colors are in harmony with your skin tone.

How long does it take?

About an hour and a half. The knowledge lasts a lifetime. You will be taking with you a packette of swatches as well as a brochure that shows you HOW to use them in planning your wardrobe.

Will my colors change if I get a tan?

No—you will be able to expand your colors when you’re tan.

What happens if my hair turns gray?

With certain skin tones, the gray hair is very flattering. Depending on your personal preference and your skin tone, you may want to cover the gray or highlight your hair.

Do my colors change if I change my hair color?

“YOUR COLORS” never change because the undertone of your skin doesn’t. But if you choose to change your hair color, you will be advised as to the range of hair colors that will be best for you.

How do I know what make up colors are right for me?

You receive a make up application as part of your consultation. A listing of the make up colors that are best for you is included as well as a resource reference guide.