“I was amazed at how the make up changed the overall look and skin. I didn’t realize how much the right colors can make a difference.” ~ Shelley G.

“There is no other mascara wand like this one.” ~ Valerie J.

“It was really interesting, and fun, to learn about the different colors and what season complements my skin tone. I also enjoyed the makeup lesson and color help. I need a lot of it but like what I learned from you so far and I am looking forward to getting comfortable with a new skin makeup routine.” ~ Kelly B.

“Got a compliment today on my shirt and what a great color it is on me. Well that’s because it’s in my palette. The person who gave me the compliment normally wears a lot of dark colors and today was in blues and pinks. She also looked great. We started talking and you did her colors last fall! I love looking great and feeling great and all it took was knowing what looks good on me. Thank you Sue!” ~ Maria P.