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Know How to Rock This Polka Dot Trend

This simple feminine polka dot dream blue dress has a lot of character.  It’s an all time favorite: the wrap.  A color almost anyone can wear.






Wide-eyed for these! Simple print is easy to pair with any color top.  Great for a high waisted fit.  A high waisted fit makes your legs look longer.




This subtle take on polka dot trend features the same color print as the base color.  Wear something bold on the bottom with this understated top.
This skirt is perfect for the office.  Just above knee length is flattering.
Simple strappy shoe completes this chic look.  
This signature print of Kate Spade’s makes this classic shoe stand out.  Wear with cropped trousers or pair with a simple dress.
A Chic way to incorporate polka dots into your wardrobe.
This dress adds a playful twist to the slip dress.
 This mini tulle is the ultimate party skirt.  Pretty cutesy huh?  Pair this with a simple black tank.  Then have a great time twirling time!
This polka dotted mesh blouse is for the fashion risk taker.  The lace and ruffle detailing gives you a ladylike finish on top, and the sheer material everywhere else has you strutting like a fashion queen!
This chic skinny belt with a little hair bow is perfect with a solid dress or skirt.  Another Kate Spade signature polka dot you can find at Nordstrom’s.
If you would like to find out YOUR BEST COLORS and THE BEST STYLES to choose for your body shape.  Check out
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6 Different Lip Shapes

The Right Way To Apply Lipstick For 6 Different Lip Shapes

Lipstick and lip shades can truly make or break an entire look. Unfortunately, with so many different shapes of pouts in the world, it’s hard to know what tricks will play yours up. I found this article and gathered up some tips to share with you.

Don’t be afraid to play around with some of these tricks to create a look that best encompasses your beautiful and confident self!  And, of course, use YOUR COLOR!


If You Have Small Lips:

Is this you?: Small lips tend to have smaller mouths. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift rock this lip shape.

Play them up!: Line your lips all the way around with a soft liner, and blend it for a natural look. After applying the color of choice, add some highlight right above your cupid’s bow and in the center of your bottom lip to really plump it up!

The perfect shades for you: Bright, shimmery and glossy shades look fantastic on people with smaller lips. Softer hues have a tendency to brighten up your entire face!


If You Have Thin Lips:   

Is this you?: Lips on the thinner side tend to be slimmer than some of the plumper pouts. Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Amy Schumer all share this shape!

Play them up!: Apply a lip liner just around the outside of your natural lip line and slightly smudge it to make a natural line before applying the shade of your choice.

The perfect shades for you: Any shades that shimmer and shine are going to be the way to go for this shape. (Pro tip: By using a darker shade of lipstick on the bottom and a slightly lighter shade on the top and blending them together, you can create a look that will make your lips truly stand out from the crowd!)



If You Have Bottom-Heavy Lips:

Is this you?: This kind of lip shape has a slightly smaller upper lip compared to the bottom one. Emma Watson and Rihanna work the bottom heavy lips!

Play them up!: Start by lining around your natural lip line, put a little extra emphasis on the top lip,and then simply filling your lips in with the color of your choice. To finish, add just a dab of nude, matte eyeshadow to the center of your upper lip to really make your look pop!

The perfect shades for you: With the right application, almost any shade from your color palette  works with this type of lip shape. Choose one to go with your skin tone, and you’ll be ready to pucker up!


 If You Have Full Lips:

Is this you?: Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner are two of the most notorious who rock this plump pout.

How to play them up: Line all the way around your lips to really make them pop. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try lining ever so slightly inside your natural lip line.

The perfect shades for you: If you want to make your lips look thinner, adding a little foundation to your pout or applying a nude-colored whether that’s a warm peach color or soft cool pink shade will do just that. However, there’s nothing wrong with rocking what your mama gave you, so trying out a matte shade of your choice with a layer of gloss on top will really make your lips stand out!


If You Have Flat Lips:

Is this you?: Lips with a flatter shape have less curves than other shapes. Kirsten Dunst and Kate Hudson are two celebrities who have fabulous flat lip shapes!

How to play them up: If you want to create slightly more curves to your lips, try taking a liner around your entire mouth, and really making sure to emphasize the “m” of your top lip when you get there.

The perfect shades for you: Nearly any shade within your palette looks good on this lip shape, so grab your go-to color, add some glass and you’re ready to go!



If You Have Top-Heavy Lips:

Is this you?: Amanda Seyfried, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez all pucker up with top-heavy shapes!

How to play them up: Start by lining your entire lip, putting a little extra emphasis on the bottom liner.

The perfect shades for you: Try applying a bright shade of lipstick on your bottom lip, followed by a darker shade of the same color on your top. By adding a dab of either white or nude eyeshadow to the center of your lower lip, you’ll be able to create an entire fullness to your mouth that will absolutely make your look!



If you’re not sure of your “right” colors, it may be time to have your colors done!  Visit our website: for more information.



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Do you have a smashed powdered compact?

Here is how to fix it and what you will need

What you need:

Broken makeup
Clean knife
Paper towel or tissue


1. Collect all of the broken makeup pieces in the bottom of the compact

2. Break up the makeup as fine as you can using a very clean knife.

3. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mix until it forms a paste; add a few more drops if needed.

4. Spread and smooth makeup back into the compact. Tap on a flat surface to remove any air bubbles. Let dry about 1 hour, or until almost dry but still a little damp.

5. Cover the makeup surface with a clean paper towel or tissue. Use the cap of the rubbing alcohol bottle to pack and smooth the makeup even further. Let dry completely.


Tip: If the makeup container is too small to mix in, empty the broken makeup into a clean cup or bowl, mix and return to the container to dry.
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How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

The tools you use on your face are just as important as the products you are using.  You wouldn’t think of washing your face with a dirty facecloth….so don’t use dirty brushes, either!  Especially your Kabuki Brush that you use for applying your mineral make up.

Cleaning makeup brushes is something a lot of people don’t think to do, then their skin starts to break out and they can’t figure out why it’s happening. Residue from your makeup, dead skin, oil, dirt and bacteria builds up on brushes quickly.

 The type of brushes you are using—whether they are real animal hair or synthetic fibers–can be cleaned the same way:

·   What’s the best product to use to clean my make up brushes?

·   What’s the best way to clean them?

·   How long does it take them to dry?

·   How often do I clean them?

Fill a coffee cup or bowl with a solution of warm water and a shampoo for normal hair.  Gently wish the brushes in the bowl then rinse with cool water.  Don’t scrub your brushes too hard otherwise you could loosen the bristles.

If the brush doesn’t rinse clear, then wash it again in the bowl.  Repeat until brush rinse water is clear.  Then apply a small amount of  hair conditioner to the bristles, rinse in cool water.  Wrap brush in a small towel and pat dry.    Lay brushes  FLAT to dry. Most brushes will dry in just a few hours and DO make sure your brushes are completely dry before using them again.

Clean your brushes about twice  a month.  And in between times, baby wipes or facial wipes to disinfect your brushes works nicely.  Are you using a YOUR COLOR tray for your mineral make up?  Make sure your wipe that tray out every time you use it too!

Depending on the quality of your brushes and how you maintain them, note that the “shelf life” of makeup brushes (especially ones you use often) is about a year or two, so toss them out when their time is up.  You’ll be able to tell!

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What Style of Glasses Fit Your Shape?


Two guidelines you need to know when choosing your next pair of glasses:  Don’t duplicate the shape of your face and choose a COLOR or METAL that is in harmony with your Warm ( gold, tortoise, rust, or brown frames) or  for Cool (silver, gun-metal gray, burgundy-red, or black frames) skin tone:

Discover Your Face Shape

If you just asked yourself; “what in the world is my face shape?” You can simply ask a loved one (however, to preserve the love, some of you may prefer to find the answer out yourself.) To do this, simply look in the mirror and answer these easy questions:

  1.       (Height and Width) Is my face longer than wide? or is it about even in both dimensions?
  2.       Is my face wider up top than towards the bottom? or vice versa? or pretty even all the                way down?
  3.       Do I have strong angles on my face, or is it more curved?

Keep it simple by deciding if your face closely matches to a round, square, oval, or heart shape.





How to Match A Face Shape With Glass Frames

The overall frame width should be close to your overall face width.

  1. Round – A face that is round has curved outline with the overall length and width proportions being approximately equal. A pair of glasses that are angular and narrow will lengthen and help to make a round face appear thinner. Rectangular glasses usually go very well on round faces.
  2. Square – A face that has similar proportions in the length and width, as well as a strong jawline coupled with a broad forehead usually leads to a square face shape. Look for frames that will soften the facial angles and are wider than they are longer. This will lengthen the face and lead to a narrower appearance. Oval shaped lenses usually go very well with square face shapes.
  3. Oval – An oval face is longer than it is wide. Using a frame that has vertical height will make the face appear shorter and well balanced. Look for frames that are deep from top to bottom, this covers a portion of the extended cheeks. Look for fun and exciting temples to add extra width to the face as well.
  4. Heart – A heart shaped face is wider up top and narrows towards the chin. (Both men and women can have heart shaped faces.) Look for frames that are wider at the bottom than at the top.  Lighter frames and rimless designs go very well with heart shaped faces.
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Clean Your Makeup Drawer: When to replace everything


Mascara:  Toss it every 4 months

Replace your mascara four times a year to prevent an eye infection.

Eye shadow:  Toss it every two years for powder, once a year for cream.

Can last up to two years, but if you apply it every day beware that bacteria build up.

Eye liner:  Toss it 3-6 months

Gel and liquid liners that are applied with a brush should be tossed every six months to avoid an eye infection.  If you don’t use them up in a year they should go in the trash can.

Foundation:  Once a year

Concealer:  Toss it 12 to 18 months

A Concealer in a pan, it can last up to 18 months if applied with a sponge or regularly washed brush.  If you have a concealer in a tube keep it for a year.

Blush & Bronzer:  Toss it every 2 years

Powders have a longer shelf life than most cosmetics.  Toss when the color darkens or starts to cake up.

Lipstick:  Toss once a year

The preservatives in lipstick can break down after a year.  If your not sure when you bought your favorite tubes its time to toss it.  If the surface gets hard or small beads start to form on the bullet throw it away.  If you are sick, apply your lipstick with a fresh cotton swab to stop it from being contaminated.

Lip Gloss:  6 months to one year

In a tube with a wand applicator should be tossed after 6 months due to bacteria build up.  Lip gloss in a squeeze tube can hold on to those for closer to a year since bacteria has a much smaller chance of getting in the product.


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Lip Service

Do you have chapped lips?  Here are some tips to help your lips feel and look better:


Exfoliate your lips with a lip exfoliating cream (buffs off the dead skin cells) OR simply use a soft tooth brush and yes, gently brush your lips (about 2-3 times a week) after you brush your teeth and toothpaste is rinsed off.

Follow with a vitamin infused lip balm or cocoa butter.

Sip hot water or decaffeinated tea slowly, throughout the day; it dilates the circulatory system and will increase moisture to the tissues.


Caffeine and alcohol which are major tissue dehydrators.

Avoid flavored lip balms which can cause more frequent lip licking, increasing the degree of chapping.

Avoid phenol and camphor which are often found in lip balms. Camphor adds a cooling, which may bring temporary relief but could irritate already sensitive lip tissues. Some components of “medicated” lip balms can actually act as irritants .

When lips are chapped, they’re more sensitive, and certain foods can irritate them. Hold off on pepper, mustard, barbecue sauce, orange juice, and alcoholic beverages to give your lips a break as they heal.


Don’t lick your lips.  Putting on your coat to go outside?  Put on a coat of lip balm, too! Before going out in cold, dry weather, apply lip cream or balm that contains sunscreen.

DO wear a lip gloss or lipstick it will help protect your lips

Warm  tones:  choose shades of coral, peach, brown-nude

Cool tones:  choose shades of pink, red, mauve or pink-nude

Apply Vitamin E and C Lip treatment daily…even when your lips AREN’T dry or chapped.  (Keep a tube by your nightstand and apply nightly)

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How It All Began….

When I first started doing Color Analysis in the 80’s, I had a difficult time finding the right color foundation base for my clients.  Even though I had a variety of yellow base and cool base liquid foundation colors to choose from, often it was either too dark, too light, too yellow, or gray looking on my client’s skin.

So I found myself emptying out portions of liquid foundation from one glass bottle into a mixing vial and adding another color to create just the right undertone and color for my client’s skin. Soon, I realized I needed green and violet tints to adjust the colors even more.

Eventually my lab manufactured those tints and foundation colors in bulk sizes.  I was then able to pump just the right amount of product and colors to fit a 1 oz. bottle.

In the 90’s when mineral powder foundation became the “go to” product for healthy, all natural foundation, I found myself doing the same thing again: scooping out product from one jar and mixing it with another.

I approached my pharmaceutical lab and they too agreed to provide me with the minerals in bulk so I could formulate a formula for each client, based on the undertone and color of their skin. Additional pigments soon became available and the rest is history!

Each of my clients have a custom blend formula designed specifically just for them.  Do you?

Click here to order your own custom blend formula!

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Best Hydrating Face Mask for your Skin

The Best Hydrating Face Mask You Can Make for Your Skin This Winter

Give your skin some moisture with this easy and beneficial oatmeal face mask made with three simple ingredients. Skip the expensive skincare when products with great benefits are sitting in the refrigerator.

In need of some serious skin therapy at little cost? This DIY face mask is perfect for any skin type searching for moisture and a dewy complexion this winter. This mask is made with three simple ingredients: yogurt, oatmeal, and honey. The oatmeal will help soften your skin while the yogurt with help hydrate your skin. Skip the expensive skincare and reward your skin at an affordable price with the best DIY face mask for winter.

Here is what you will need: *1 cup of plain yogurt   *1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal  *1 teaspoon of honey

Steps for making the DIY face mask:

Start by washing your face and neck (be sure to remove any makeup).

  1. Mix the plain yogurt and uncooked oatmeal in a large bowl.
  2. Add the honey to the mixture, and stir well.
  3. Apply ingredients to your face using fingers or a clean foundation brush.
  4. Let sit on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. Wash off the face mask with warm water, and apply normal moisturizer.

Daily skincare routine is the BEST way to maintain hydrated, dewey skin.  

Additional tips: 
  • Don’t double the recipe if trying the mask with a friend; you will already have enough for two faces
  • Chop up the oatmeal into small pieces so the mask isn’t as chunky and goes on your skin more easily.
  • Try cooling the mixture in the refrigerator after step 3 for 5 to 10 minutes so it hardens enough to stay well on your face.
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How To Apply Your Blush!


In this video, I show you how to apply your blush to define your face!

Quick tips:

  1. Choose your blush product of choice, cream, pressed, or custom blend.
  2. Choose YOUR color that is right for your skin tone.
  3. Start at the hair line and brush forward.
  4. Stop where your eye color starts.
  5. Bring that color back no lower than your ear lob to make a “V”.
  6. Blend out the harsh lines with your kabuki brush.