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What Style of Glasses Fit Your Shape?


Two guidelines you need to know when choosing your next pair of glasses:  Don’t duplicate the shape of your face and choose a COLOR or METAL that is in harmony with your Warm ( gold, tortoise, rust, or brown frames) or  for Cool (silver, gun-metal gray, burgundy-red, or black frames) skin tone:

Discover Your Face Shape

If you just asked yourself; “what in the world is my face shape?” You can simply ask a loved one (however, to preserve the love, some of you may prefer to find the answer out yourself.) To do this, simply look in the mirror and answer these easy questions:

  1.       (Height and Width) Is my face longer than wide? or is it about even in both dimensions?
  2.       Is my face wider up top than towards the bottom? or vice versa? or pretty even all the                way down?
  3.       Do I have strong angles on my face, or is it more curved?

Keep it simple by deciding if your face closely matches to a round, square, oval, or heart shape.





How to Match A Face Shape With Glass Frames

The overall frame width should be close to your overall face width.

  1. Round – A face that is round has curved outline with the overall length and width proportions being approximately equal. A pair of glasses that are angular and narrow will lengthen and help to make a round face appear thinner. Rectangular glasses usually go very well on round faces.
  2. Square – A face that has similar proportions in the length and width, as well as a strong jawline coupled with a broad forehead usually leads to a square face shape. Look for frames that will soften the facial angles and are wider than they are longer. This will lengthen the face and lead to a narrower appearance. Oval shaped lenses usually go very well with square face shapes.
  3. Oval – An oval face is longer than it is wide. Using a frame that has vertical height will make the face appear shorter and well balanced. Look for frames that are deep from top to bottom, this covers a portion of the extended cheeks. Look for fun and exciting temples to add extra width to the face as well.
  4. Heart – A heart shaped face is wider up top and narrows towards the chin. (Both men and women can have heart shaped faces.) Look for frames that are wider at the bottom than at the top.  Lighter frames and rimless designs go very well with heart shaped faces.
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How It All Began….

When I first started doing Color Analysis in the 80’s, I had a difficult time finding the right color foundation base for my clients.  Even though I had a variety of yellow base and cool base liquid foundation colors to choose from, often it was either too dark, too light, too yellow, or gray looking on my client’s skin.

So I found myself emptying out portions of liquid foundation from one glass bottle into a mixing vial and adding another color to create just the right undertone and color for my client’s skin. Soon, I realized I needed green and violet tints to adjust the colors even more.

Eventually my lab manufactured those tints and foundation colors in bulk sizes.  I was then able to pump just the right amount of product and colors to fit a 1 oz. bottle.

In the 90’s when mineral powder foundation became the “go to” product for healthy, all natural foundation, I found myself doing the same thing again: scooping out product from one jar and mixing it with another.

I approached my pharmaceutical lab and they too agreed to provide me with the minerals in bulk so I could formulate a formula for each client, based on the undertone and color of their skin. Additional pigments soon became available and the rest is history!

Each of my clients have a custom blend formula designed specifically just for them.  Do you?

Click here to order your own custom blend formula!