Vitamin C Night Cream


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Product Description

Why Use It:
Brightens skin, Improves radiance, Stimulates collagen renewal to strengthen skin’s elasticity, Helps prevent dehydration, keeping skin soft and supple.

An intensive radiance boosting treatment contains a high 10% Vitamin C

What’s Inside:
Vitamin C-  (L-Ascorbic Acid) Only form of Vitamin C recognized and absorbed by the body.
Comfrey, Green Tea & Chamomile Extract- provide anti-inflammatory, painrelieving and healing  properties.
Botanical Firming Complex- (Hydrocotyl & Coneflower Extracts ) Firm & tightens skin.
Ceramides- act as bonding agent prevents moisture from evaporating.

How to Use: Use nightly on cleansed skin apply to face and neck.  If an Alpha Hydroxy Acid is being used, wait 15 minutes before applying  Vibran-C creme.


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