The Spring Woman

  • Spring WomanKeyword: Radiant
  • Colors: Clear, fresh, warm, crisp, yellow-based colors
  • Hair: Golden blonde to golden brown, auburn, red, strawberry blonde or red
  • Skin: Peaches and cream, ivory, golden beige, golden-undertones
  • Eyes: Blue, green, hazel, brown, gray
  • Clothing Personality: Lively, bright and youthful.  A spring woman is often friendly, informal and bubbly.  She never seems to age and has a girlish feminine quality, even in her clothes.  Prints are crisp and colorful, but delicate in feeling.
  • Colors to Wear: Look for yellow-undertones and clear colors that are somewhat bright, but not too bright.  Wear some contrasting colors.
  • Colors to Avoid: Black, pure white, colors with blue-undertones, dark, heavy and muted colors.