The Summer Woman

  • Summer WomanKeyword: Exquisite
  • Colors: Soft, delicate, muted, blue-based colors
  • Hair: Ash blonde, ash brown, medium brown
  • Skin: Rose to medium rose beige, pale beige, blue-undertones
  • Eyes: Blue, green, gray, hazel, rarely brown
  • Clothing Personality: Classic colors, reflecting calmness and conservatism.  Most often a summer woman is poised, gracious, even-tempered, and is ideal in classic clothes and soft prints.  Elegant, but feminine.
  • Fabrics: Small prints and very fine prints, fabrics that mute colors such as cotton, burlap and raw silk.
  • Colors to wear: Blue-based soft colors that have gray in them.  Wear colors that blend rather than have sharp contrasts.
  • Colors to avoid: Black, pure white, orange, yellow green and yellow beige.