The Winter Woman

  • Winter WomanKeyword: Striking
  • Colors: Clear, true, vivid, icy, blue-based and contrasting
  • Hair: Black, medium to dark brown, gray, silver, ash blonde, platinum blonde
  • Skin: White to medium rose beige, olive, black, blue-undertones
  • Eyes: Brown, hazel, blue, green, gray
  • Clothing Personality: Tends toward the dramatic.  The colors have dramatic, sophisticated, formal quality, calling for clothes with sleek clean lines.  Looks good in contrasting colors.  Best in solids as striking colors speak for themselves.
  • Fabrics: Natural fabrics such as silk and wool, since they show the pure color.  Prints should be dramatic or contrasting in colors.
  • Colors to wear: Blue-based and clear, colors that have white in them.  Colors that have sharp contrasts.
  • Colors to avoid: Browns, beige, oranges, dull muted colors.