Your Body Shape

Stop looking frumpy!  Stop throwing your money away on clothes that just don’t look “right” every time you put them on.  Understand your body shape and learn to dress it!

Can you identify YOURS?  Do you know YOUR Body Type?

The five basic figure types are:








Do you often wonder if the styles you are choosing for your wardrobe are the most flattering for you?  I sometimes relied on what was popular for the season and then doubting my choices:  asking myself “Does this make me look too fat?  Does my neck look like a turtle in this style?”  There is a better solution than relying on the fashion industry or what your friends are wearing.

My computerized software program can determine what lines, styles, and designs are complementary for your individual shape.  Simple visuals, easy to understand, and only requires 2 hours.  Your measurements are entered into the data base and the rest is easy.

What does this mean for you?

  • Shopping is easier, quicker.  You will be able to find styles that are YOUR best!
  • You will look balanced, accentuating your best features.
  • You will learn how to camouflage those “problem” areas simply by choosing the right length jacket, neckline, etc.
  • Need glasses?  This program will streamline your choices so you wear the best shape glasses that compliment your face shape.
  • The length of your necklaces, earrings can make your neck look heavier, more rounded, or thinner and defined.

This session is includes the 32 page interactive workbook.

You can complete this on line or with Sue in her studio!

Interested?  Call or text me to figure out a time to figure out YOUR body shape!